CAPE devoted much of the summer of 2013 to stopping elephant rides from coming to the Nevada County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds board of directors chose to ignore undercover video evidence of the operators of the company Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) beating and abusing their elephants; hundreds of people testifying at two board meetings; over 100,000 signatures urging the contract be cancelled. For the fair, HTWT transported two of their elephants where for five days, they walked in circles giving rides to children and adults. Outside the gates, dozens of protesters with signs, leaflets and stickers educated fair goers about the abusive treatment these elephants have endured, urging people not to buy tickets to ride them. Elephant

Throughout the campaign, a special community of people formed and bonded in our shared compassion for these animals. We at CAPE feel honored to have met and worked with so many people who truly made a difference for the elephants - people who sat at tables in front of grocery stores gathering signatures; people who created beautiful and inspirational posters, t - shirts and educational materials, paid for from their own pockets; a beautiful and informational website was created listing all the news relating to the elephant campaign; a home was turned into "campaign headquarters" where all our posters, leaflets and materials were stored; people who devoted hours and days of their time to stand at the gates of the fair, holding signs and handing out leaflets.

Because of the work and experience we have gained from this campaign, CAPE is now developing a new program that will help other communities working to stop elephant entertainment from coming to their fairs, parades and city events.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this effort. We hope you will continue to help elephants and other animals in any way you can, now that the summer of 2013 is in the history books!

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