CAPE's available animals are all in foster homes. These animals have all been spayed/neuteroed, vaccinated and health checked. To begin the adoption process, please visit click here.


MillieThe woman struggled to get out of her car, tears streaming down her face. She was in front of the animal shelter and as she opened the passenger side door to lift the crate out of the car, she broke down. "My house is in foreclosure and now I have to move to the midwest to live with my daughter. The worst part is that I can't take my sweet kitty with me."

The shelter was full with adult kitties (and quite a few gray and white ones) and kitten season was already on its way. We promised the distraught woman that if the kitty did not get adopted, we would take her and put her in a CAPE foster home. Two weeks later the shelter called and we took her in.

Millie, the new name we gave the kitty, is pretty darn wonderful. She is affectionate, clean, and it's as if she is aware that the day she bumped into the CAPE volunteers was her lucky day. She is now ready to find her permanent home.

Millie would love to have a comfy lap, a soft bed and some yummy food - she doesn't ask for much. She is a beautiful girl who is healthy, sweet and a very easy keeper. Please call us at CAPE at (831) 336-4695 to learn more about her.




These two wonderful kittens were rescued from a very crowded shelter out of the area on their last day. Two male kittiesThey were initially brought to the shelter when a kind person found them in the park in a box abandoned and dehydrated from the heat. A local veterinary hospital was kind enough to take them in and provide all the medical care they needed. These boys are FIV and FILV neg, wormed and current on vaccines.

They have wonderful personalities. One is VERY social, likes to cuddle, and wants lots of petting and love time. The other boy is a bit more reserved, but adventurous and playful and extemely sweet. They are very bonded and need a home together where they can entertain themselves and their human companions and flourish. Please contact Barbara at 831-227-7945 if you would like more information or would like to pay them a visit.....YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE!

Rupert and Sweetie

Rupert and SweetiePlease take them together!

Rupert is irresistibly playful and sweet! This survivor was thrown from a vehicle as a tiny kitten and suffered a mild head injury along with broken teeth and torn-up gums. He has grown into a handsome, petite young cat with an adorable look in his eye and a loud purr. He's fun and cuddly, and gets along well with other cats. He would love to be reunited with his buddy, Sweetie -- please consider taking them together.

Now 8 months old, Rupert's broken teeth have been replaced by adult teeth and his gums fully healed, but damage to his pituitary gland from the injury caused a condition called diabetes insipidus, which is different from the diabetes that most people are familiar with, and is much easier to manage. Without meds, Rupert is unable to concentrate his urine, so he produces a huge amount of urine and is in danger of dehydration. But a tiny injection given twice daily keeps this condition completely under control, so that he produces normal urine and drinks a normal amount. Rupert handles his little shots like a champ, and he needs a family who is comfortable giving him his medication every day and who can ensure that he always has access to fresh water. In return for this care, he will give an endless supply of love and entertainment! He is truly a special cat. He is neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV/FELV.

Sweetie is a sweet and affectionate cat to those who earn her trust. She was a feral kitten who happened to wander into the yard of a loving vet tech. At 8 months old now, this beautiful black smoke cat is still a little shy and quiet with strangers, but once she gets to know a person, she's extremely loving. She also likes to play, and gets along well with other cats. She would be most at ease if she could be reunited with her friend and playmate, Rupert, who is outgoing and also playful. Sweetie is in great health and looking for a forever home to keep her safe and happy. Her photo doesn't do this pretty, petite girl justice! She is spayed, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV/FELV.

Please email or call VCA Hemingway: 408-741-4844, ask for Dr. A.


BuddyBuddy is a sweet, gentle orange tabby male looking for a loving home. We found young Buddy living outdoors in the wilds of Bonny Doon; he was skinny and terrified, but now, after several weeks of living in our spare room, with rest and regular food, he is a handsome boy ready to find his new home! Buddy does not act feral but given his rough start in life, he is shy (until he gets to know you!) and may do best in a quiet home. We guess he's no more than a year old Buddy is amazingly sweet natured, and loves to cuddle and purr while sitting on your lap, staring into your eyes.

Buddy has been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, etc., and got a clean bill of health from the vet. We would love to keep him but already have several cats, and with his sweet, loving and shy nature, Buddy deserves his own home with people who can spend time with him. He is a terrific cat and will make a fabulous companion!

If you are interested in Buddy or know someone who may be, please email Kathy at or call 831 325 6685. Thank you!!!

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